Rules & Regulations


To keep your environment and that of your neighbors as pleasant as possible, please read and abide by the following rules and regulations during your residency here.

1. Rental business should be transacted at the on-site rental information center/office. Except for emergencies, please honor the project’s posted office hours. Rental payments (checks & money orders), notices and written requests for non-emergency maintenance can be dropped after hours in the mail room Office Drop Box. To report after-hours emergency maintenance requests and noise complaints, please call the resident manager (509-334-3226). Answering service coverage is provided.
2. Your consideration for your neighbors, we are sure, will result in their consideration for you. Please refrain from activity that could disturb other residents. Radios, stereos and other musical instruments should be used with discretion and only heard within your apartment unit. After 10:00 p.m. and before 7:00 a.m., your activities should not be noticeable to other tenants. At no time will excessive loudness be tolerated. There will be a $100.00 administration fee and a complaint notice mailed to Tenant by Management upon verification of second (2nd) complaint by a member of Management. I UNDERSTAND THAT ANY VIOLATION OF THIS NOISE REGULATION SHALL BE DEEMED SUFFICIENT CAUSE FOR TERMINATION OF MY / OUR TENANCY.
3. Sewage stoppage, plumbing overflow, disposal jamming, appliance problems, broken windows, forced door jambs, damaged or missing screens are the responsibility of resident unless caused by malfunction of fixture or appliance.
4. Resident-installed accessories: Please do not install any accessories such as towel bar, door chain, coat hooks, etc., without the written permission of the manager. If permission is granted, they should be left in the apartment when you vacate.
5. Painting and carpet cleaning: Please do not paint or wallpaper any surface in your apartment or shampoo the carpet without the manager’s approval. Please do not wash any painted surfaces without first checking with the manager. Many cleaning agents will damage paint and carpets.
6. Doors and windows of apartments should be kept locked during your absence. Parked cars also should be locked. Carry enough insurance on your personal property to avoid financial loss in the event of a fire, theft, flood or vandalism. Laundry should not be left unattended in the washers or dryers.
7. PARKING IS PROVIDED FOR TENANTS ONLY. Each tenant is allowed only ONE motorized vehicle to be parked on the premises. Tenant vehicles must be registered with the office or they will be towed at owners’ expense. Always park your car within marked parking stalls. Make your guests aware of these parking rules. Motorcycles must be parked within a marked parking stall and not in complex hallways or in your apartment (NOTE: a motorcycle may NOT share a stall with another vehicle). Please be alert to oil leaks from your vehicles and have them remedied promptly. Car repairs are not permitted on the apartment community (other than minor emergency repairs). All vehicles must be currently licensed and in running condition if parked on the premises.
8. Light bulbs: When you take occupancy, your apartment should be completely equipped with working light bulbs. Please replace them as they burn out. Any bulb replacement will be billed to you.
9. Please do not make any repairs to the apartment without the approval of the manager. Any needed repairs should be reported promptly to the management.
10. Outward appearance: Any alteration that would affect the apartment communities’ outward appearance, such as your draperies or air conditioners, must be approved by the manager. No signs should be displayed.
11. Violation by resident of City ordinances or State statutes shall be deemed sufficient cause for termination of tenancy.
12. No pets of any kind or description, including guest pets, are allowed on the premises. Consent will be granted for ADA-certified service animals only. If granted, said consent shall be in the form of a written agreement, attached and incorporated hereto. In no event shall consent be granted for more than one (1) service animal per tenant. I /we agree to the above and understand that I/we are subject to a $500.00 administration fee and possible eviction for the first (1st) violation of this clause. Any further violation will have an increased fee and eviction.
13. Please do not obstruct sidewalks, driveways, public lawns, entrances, hallways, stairs and other public areas or use for any purpose other than ingress and egress. In accordance with city ordinance, no indoor furniture is allowed on patios, decks or in breezeways at any time.
14. It is permissible for you to hang pictures, mirrors, etc., on the walls of your apartment, provided you use “Moore Picture hangers” (metal) or equivalent, which is a combination nail and hook. Please do not use nails, screws, tape-adhesive hangers, bolts, etc. Do not install wall mirrors or shelves without written consent from management.
15. Please keep balcony or patio neat, tidy and clean at all times and do not store, hang or drape items on the railings or other portions of the balcony or patio where they will be visible to others. Indoor furniture is not allowed on patios or balconies and is considered a fire hazard.
16. Please return all apartment and mailbox keys to the management upon vacating; otherwise, you will be held liable for replacement of keys and lock.
17. Children shall not play in public halls, stairways, laundry rooms, or storage areas. No bicycles, wagons, or toys should be allowed or kept in halls or passageways.
18. The parking of automobiles or motorcycles on lawns or sidewalks is forbidden.
19. When vacating apartment, the unit should be returned to original condition, less normal wear and tear. Cleaning, including carpet and drapes, is never normal wear and tear. DABCO will schedule your carpets to be professionally cleaned upon receipt of your keys. (Home or rental machines are not allowed.) The cost of the carpet cleaning will be deducted from your deposit. Prior to noon of the last day of the lease, drapes must be professionally cleaned and re-hung by tenant, and the apartment cleaned to the satisfaction of management. I / We understand there may be a charge for additional cleaning services, rent and possibly room and board expenses for a new tenant if this unit is not ready for occupancy the day after this lease terminates.
20. Tenant shall not go onto roof of the building for any purpose.
21. No waterbeds are allowed without the written permission of Landlord.
22. Satellite TV service is available upon request through Custom Satellite. Individual satellite dishes are not allowed as of July 2009. Any unauthorized dish will be removed and tenant will be charged a minimum of $100.00 for damages rendered.
23. Owner and agent reserve the right to make changes or additions to these rules, as they deem necessary.
24. If your keys are lost or misplaced and you cannot gain access to your unit, it is your responsibility to provide a means of access, not management’s. If we have a key available for your unit and the available personnel on site, we will provide you access during normal business hours. A $15 lock out fee may be charged for after hour calls.
25. If on-site storage facilities are provided, you store your belongings at your own risk and you are responsible for securing your individual locker.
26. All moving shall be done between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. No vehicles shall be driven on or parked on lawns or sidewalks at any time.
27. Garbage, recyclables and cigarette butts are not to be stored or placed outside your apartment on patios, balconies, stairwells, landings or the immediate grounds. A $10-$50 fee will be charged to your account for each item removed by our staff.
28. The speed limit in the multi-unit apartment complexes is not to exceed 10 mph. Please abide by the directional arrows at the entrance and respect pedestrians.
29. Open flame grills, such as charcoal or wood-burning grills, cannot be used on decks or patios or within 10 feet of any building.
30. Tenant may be responsible for monetary costs associated with any excessive odor within the apartment unit caused by smoking or cooking, including full cost of cleaning, deodorizing, painting and, where necessary, the depreciated cost of replacement of drapes and carpets.
31. Make arrangements with Avista to change service ONLY ON THE DAY THE LEASE ENDS. Disconnection of electricity prior to this date will result in an early termination fee.
32. Tenant will be responsible for damages caused by tenant’s failure to leave adequate heat on during cold weather of
40 degrees or below.