Smoking Policy

    • DABCO Property Management does not restrict smoking of legal substances in the apartment units we manage. However, the vacating tenant(s) is responsible for the cost of any and all painting, cleaning, deodorizing and/or replacement of fixtures (including drapes and carpets) required to remove nicotine residue and odor from the apartment unit immediately following their tenancy.
    • During tenancy, the tenant’s smoking should not bother other tenants of the building/complex; this includes smoke, odor and cigarette butt trash. Tenants are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of and follow this policy.
    • DABCO Property Management does not have designated “non-smoking” units.
    •  As of August 1, 2019 all DABCO properties are fully Non-Smoking.  This applies to all leaseholders signed after 8/1/2019.