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You’re All Moved In, Now What?
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Current Residents

DABCO Property Management strives to provide comprehensive services at our apartment complexes. Since you chose to live with us, we believe it’s our responsibility to ensure you’re well taken care of and feel right at home. From online rent payments to maintenance requests, we’re committed to make your resident experience as comfortable as possible.

Bedroom in an apartment by DABCO Property Management, LLC

After Hours Emergencies

We understand that unfortunate incidents can happen to anyone at any moment! We deliver 24/7 emergency maintenance service to ensure you have urgent assistance if there’s ever a problem.

Our maintenance team is available to help with the following:

  • Heating & hot water issues
  • Loss of electricity
  • Sewer backups
  • Broken refrigerator
  • Overflowing toilet, washing machine, dishwasher, or hot water heater
  • Security-related concerns (vandalism, broken windows, doors, locks, etc.)
  • Gas leaks
  • Frozen pipes
  • Wild animals invading your space (i.e., a squirrel)
  • Flood, fire, storm, or wind damage

Resident Policies

Rules & Regulations

To keep your environment and that of your neighbors as pleasant as possible; read and abide by the following rules and regulations throughout the duration of your residency.

  1. Rental business should be transacted at the on-site rental information center/office. Except for emergencies, please honor the project’s posted office hours. Rental payments (online payments, checks & money orders), notices and written requests for non-emergency maintenance can be dropped after hours in the mail room Office Drop Box. To report after-hours emergency maintenance requests and noise complaints, please call the afterhours line at (509-334-3226). Answering service coverage is provided.
  2. Refrain from activity that could disturb other residents. Radios, stereos and other musical instruments should be used with discretion and only heard within your apartment. Quiet hours are between the hours of 10:00PM and 7:00AM, at which time you MUST NOT disturb your neighbors. Violation of quiet hours “could” lead to fines and or eviction. At no time will excessive loudness be tolerated. There will be a $100.00 administration fee and a complaint notice mailed to each Resident, by Management, upon verification of the first (1st) violation. A $200.00 administration fee will be assessed upon a second (2nd) complaint by a member of Management.
  3. HARASSMENT PROHIBITED. Resident’s must not coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere with any other resident’s visitor’s or management or associates exercise or enjoyment of any Fair Housing right because of that person’s race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin (including sexual harassment). Residents should report any incidence of harassment to management to initiate an investigation.
  4. The owner/agent and management strive to maintain a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment for residents. In consideration of this, all residents and their visitors will refrain from any conduct that would conflict with the rights of other residents to the peaceful enjoyment of the premises or in the immediate vicinity of the premises (neighbors). The owner/agent reserves the right to refuse to conduct business with anyone who is verbally abusive, swears, is disrespectful, creates disturbances, makes threats, uses discriminatory language, appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs or is argumentative to the point that management cannot conduct business in a professional manner. If the resident appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs or attempts to intimidate the staff, the person(s) will be required to leave the management office and/or a notice of lease violation will be issued. If an applicant/resident, guest, visitor or service provider demonstrates abusive, threatening and/or unprofessional behavior in the presence of the owner/agent or other residents/applicants or service personnel on the property, the person will be required to leave the management office and/or a notice of lease violation will be issued.
  6. Management may approve a resident’s request for transfer from one unit to another for reasonable accommodation, for changes to household size or composition, or for other reasons based on the occupancy policies of the property. Refer to the property’s Unit Transfer policies for more information.
  7. Sewage stoppage, plumbing overflow, disposal jamming, appliance problems, broken windows, forced door jambs, damaged or missing screen(s) issues, are the responsibility of resident to report to management IMMEDIATELY upon discovering any issues. Resident understands that damage to these items “could” be the financial responsibility of the resident, unless caused by malfunction of fixture or appliance.
  8. Do not install any accessories such as towel bar, door chain, coat hooks, window air conditioning units, etc., without the written permission of the manager. If resident chooses to install ANY after-market item, that did not come stock in your apartment, 100% of the cost to replace, repair, fix, or adjust the apartment back to its original state, will be at the expense of the resident (this includes the staff salary, vendor expense, or equivalent).
  9. No paints, oils, gasoline or any flammable or environmentally hazardous materials are permitted in the apartments or storage areas. Site manager will be informed of, and have approval over, oxygen tanks in units. Residents understand that it is the Resident responsibility to ensure that all combustible and potentially combustible items are kept at least eight inches (8”) away from all baseboard and wall heaters within their unit, as recommended by fire officials, in order to prevent a potential fire hazard. Burning candles and/or incense is NOT PERMITTED. Damage to the unit caused by resident’s or guests unsafe or careless use of burning or combustible items and materials will be the responsibility of the residents.
  10. Do not paint or wallpaper any surface in your apartment or shampoo the carpet without the manager’s expressed prior written approval.
  11. Fireworks or explosives of any type are prohibited on the property. This includes apartment units, common areas, parking areas, lawns, entrances.
  12. For those units that are equipped with fire suppression sprinklers, residents must not tamper with sprinklers, sprinkler heads, outside or inside fire extinguishers, outside equipment, general use appliances or outside/inside electrical or fuse boxes. Do not hang clothes on or off a hanger on sprinkler/sprinkler heads.
  13. Doors and windows of apartments should be kept locked during your absence. Parked cars also should be locked. We highly recommend you carry enough insurance on your personal property to avoid financial loss in the event of a fire, theft, flood or vandalism.
  14. Laundry should not be left unattended in the washers or dryers. Do not overload the washers/dryers with more than a single load. A single load is defined as three pair of pants + four shirts + six socks + six undergarments (example).
  15. PARKING IS PROVIDED FOR RESIDENTS ONLY. Each resident is allowed only ONE motorized vehicle to be parked on the premises, unless authorized by a DABCO team member and permission MUST be in writing. Resident vehicles must be registered with the office or they will be towed at owners’ expense. Always park your car within marked parking stalls. Make your guests aware of these parking rules. Guests can park in designated parking areas, provided they have paid for the 3/day $25.00 pass and provided all necessary documentation to the office manager. Motorcycles must be parked within a marked parking stall and not in hallways/breezeways, on your patio, or in your apartment (NOTE: a motorcycle may NOT share a stall with another vehicle). Please be alert to oil leaks from your vehicles and have them remedied promptly. Car repairs are not permitted on any DABCO property, other than minor emergency repairs (i.e. changing a tire, a battery, or a headlight). COVERED PARKING spaces (where available) are RESERVED for those who purchase these spots. If you park in a covered parking spot that you have not rented, you will be subject to a $50.00 administrative fee and/or your vehicle will be towed. All vehicles must be currently licensed and in running condition if parked on the premises. (NOTE: you are responsible for your guests and could be fined if they are parked in violation of the Apartment Rules & Regulations).
  16. Light bulb replacements are the responsibility of the resident as they burn out. If any bulb is replaced by management during your tenancy, a replacement fee of $10/per bulb will be assessed to your account.
  17. Do not make any repairs to the apartment without the written approval of the manager. Any needed repairs should be reported promptly to the management and a work order should be filled out and submitted for processing.
  18. Outward appearance: Any alteration that would affect the apartment communities’ outward appearance, such as your draperies or air conditioners, must be approved by the manager in writing. No signs should be displayed.
  19. No blankets, foil, plastic, or flags should be hung in windows, no garbage on decks/patio, and no filth of any kind. DABCO follows Washington State Health & Safety standards when assessing filth in your apartment.
    Violation by resident of City ordinances or State statutes shall be deemed, sufficient, cause for termination of tenancy.
  20. No pet, of any kind, are allowed on the premises for any duration of time. If you have a pet, you could be subjected to significant administrative fees (please refer to your lease agreement or addenda).
  21. Do not obstruct sidewalks, driveways, public lawns, entrances, hallways, stairs or other public areas for any reason, except in emergencies.
  22. In accordance with city ordinance, no indoor furniture is allowed on patios, decks or in breezeways at any time. Only gas BBQ’s, and true patio furniture are allowed on porch/patio/deck. Only TWO flowerpots per porch/patio/deck will be allowed. Open flame grills, such as charcoal or wood-burning grills, are NOT permitted. Fees will be assessed if you are in violation of this rule.
  23. Keep balcony or patio neat, tidy, and clean. Do not store, hang or drape items on the railings or other portions of the balcony or patio, or directly to the building where they will be visible to others. Indoor furniture is not allowed on patios or balconies and is considered a fire hazard.
  24. It is permissible for you to hang pictures, mirrors, etc., on the walls of your apartment, provided you use “Moore Picture hangers” (metal) or equivalent, which is a combination nail and hook. Please do not use nails, screws, tape-adhesive hangers, bolts, etc. Do not install wall mirrors or shelves without written consent from management.
  25. Residents shall not loiter or play in public halls, stairways, laundry rooms, or storage areas. No personal items, property, bicycles, wagons, or toys should be allowed or kept in halls, passageways, or cane detection barriers under staircases.
  26. The parking of automobiles or motorcycles on lawns, in breezeways, or on sidewalks is forbidden. If this occurs, the vehicle will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  27. Resident shall not go onto roof of the building for any purpose.
  28. Waterbeds are prohibited.
  29. Satellite TV service is available upon request through Custom Satellite. Individual satellite dishes are not allowed. Any unauthorized dish will be removed, and resident will be charged a minimum of $100.00 for damages rendered.
  30. If your keys/fobs are lost or misplaced and you cannot gain access to your unit, it is your responsibility to provide a means of access, not management’s. If we have a key/fob available for your unit and the available personnel on site, we will provide you access during normal business hours. A $25.00 lock out fee “may” be charged for after hour calls, if you are a repeat offender.
  31. If on-site storage facilities are provided, you store your belongings at your own risk, and you are responsible for securing your personal property.
  32. All moving (in or out) should be conducted outside of quiet hours to avoid fees and fines. Please be respectful of your neighbors. No vehicles shall be driven on lawns or parked on lawns or sidewalks at any time.
  33. Garbage and recyclables are not to be stored or placed outside your apartment on patios, balconies, stairwells, landings or the immediate grounds unattended. A $25.00 fee will be charged to your account for each item (i.e. bags of trash) removed by our staff. DABCO will regularly inspect the properties. If your trash is outside your apartment door or on your patio unattended, we will assume you would like us to remove it and the fee will be charged to your account automatically.
  34. The speed limit in the parking lots is not to exceed 10 mph. Please abide by the directional arrows at the entrance and respect pedestrians.
  35. Resident may be responsible for monetary costs associated with any excessive odor within the apartment unit and/or into adjacent units caused by smoking or cooking, including full cost of cleaning, deodorizing, painting and, where necessary, the depreciated cost of replacement of fixtures, window coverings and carpets. At no time should excessive odor or smoke disturb other residents. There will be a $200.00 administration fee and a complaint notice mailed to Resident by Management upon verification of first (1st) complaint and upon the second (2nd) complaint a $500.00 fine will be charged to your ledger, by a member of Management.
  36. ABANDONMENT. Per Washington State Landlord Tenant Law, abandonment is defined as failure to pay the rent when due and indications by words or actions and intention not to resume the tenancy. Residents may be liable for rent for the 30-days after the landlord learns of the abandonment or 30-days after the next rent is due, whichever occurs first. After learning of abandonment, management may remove any property, place it in a reasonably secure location and then notify residents of the place of storage and of their right to have property returned or sold. The conditions and length of time management must store property prior to disposal or sale is based on the value of the items in total and subject to State Landlord – Tenant Law.
  37. Residents are required to provide proper notice (20 Days’ Notice) to vacate the unit. Proper notice should comply with federal, state and local laws. Providing proper notice will allow management to utilize any security deposit paid as a refund or to use toward any charges or damages at move-out. Failure to provide proper notice may result in forfeiture of the security deposit. Residents may be liable for resident rent up to the end of a rental period if the unit is vacated prior to the end of the lease. It is recommended that notice to vacate is provided to management in writing in advance so management may provide move-out instructions, cleaning guidelines, and schedule a walk-through.
  38. Please return all apartment and mailbox keys/fobs to management upon vacating; otherwise, you will be held liable for replacement of keys/fobs and lock.
  39. When vacating your apartment, the unit should be returned to its original condition, less normal wear and tear. Cleaning, including carpet and drapes, is never normal wear and tear. DABCO will schedule your carpets to be professionally cleaned upon receipt of your keys/fobs. If you’d like to hire your own professional carpet vendor to clean, you may do so, but must have the vendor pre-approved and a receipt MUST be submitted to your Community Manager to avoid having this expense deducted from your security deposit. Home or rental machines are not considered a professional means of carpet cleaning and are not permitted to suffice as carpet cleaning. The cost of the carpet cleaning will be deducted from your security deposit, unless other means are met (as per above instructions). Apartment must be cleaned to the satisfaction of management upon move out. Please be sure to schedule a final walk through with DABCO Management BEFORE YOU LEAVE TOWN. DABCO understands there may be a charge for additional cleaning services, rent and possibly room and board expenses for a new resident if this unit is not ready for occupancy the day after this lease terminates. Follow the cleaning/fee schedule (exhibit B) and you may be able to receive 100% of your security deposit in return.
  40. No large furniture items may be left in front of the garbage dumpsters, or inside of the dumpster corrals. Please arrange with the management office where large items that will not fit inside the dumpster may be placed.
  41. Make arrangements, with Avista, to change service ONLY ON THE DAY THE LEASE ENDS. Disconnection of electricity prior to this date will result in an early termination fee.
  42. Resident will be responsible for damages caused by resident’s failure to leave adequate heat on during cold weather of 40 degrees or below. DABCO recommends you leave your heat at 58 degrees when you plan to be away. In addition, you’ll want to open your cupboards and let your faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms drip to keep the pipes from freezing.
  43. Owner and agent reserve the right to make changes or additions to these rules, as they deem necessary.


Pet Policy

All of our Big 8 properties now allow pets! Birch Hills, Maple Valley, Pine Ridge, Aspen Village, Providence Court, Pimlico, Churchill Downs, and Emerald Downs are pet-friendly. Clay Ct. and The Classics still do not allow pets.

Birch Hills was built with pets in mind; amenities include a 1-acre enclosed pet roaming area/dog park, pet washing stations, and outdoor kennels (for temporary short term usage).

We have no size restrictions on dogs but all pets must be indoor pets; limit 1 pet per bedroom plus one. Exceptions to this rule must be pre-approved in writing from Management. Proof of spay/neuter, up-to-date vaccination record and pet references are required, so start on that stellar pet rental history now! Surrounded by open fields, this property is located at the northeast corner of NE Merman Drive and NE Westwood Drive in Pullman.

Make sure you include your pet(s) on your application.

Residents are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of and follow this policy.

If you have any questions about our Pet Policy, please feel free to contact our Corporate offices with those questions.

Smoking Policy
  1. As of August 1, 2019 all DABCO properties are fully Non-Smoking. This applies to all leaseholders signed after 8/1/2019.
  2. DABCO Property Management does restrict smoking of all substances in the apartment units we manage. The vacating residents(s) are 100% responsible for the cost of any and all painting, cleaning, deodorizing and/or replacement of fixtures (including drapes and carpets) required to remove nicotine/smoking residue and odor from the apartment unit immediately following their tenancy.
  3. We understand that residents may be smokers. Smoking is allowed outdoors at the property being more than 25 feet from any window or door (smoking on decks and patios is not allowed as it is not more than 25 feet from the next window or door). During tenancy, the resident’s smoking should not bother other residents of the property; this includes smoke, odor, and cigarette butt trash. residents are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of and follow this policy.
  4. DABCO Property Management does not have designated “smoking” units.
  5. This policy extends to the burning of any substance in the unit such as candles and/or incense.

Our main corporate office is located in Adams Mall! You can visit us at 600 NE Colorado St near Ruby Street Park and the Phi Sigma Kappa & Gamma Phi Beta houses.

Call 509-334-6266 today for more information.

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